Saturday, February 18, 2017

Delicious Moroccan Lamb Chops!

Hi this is Soulful!
Man I have been traveling all 
over  the world                          
(on the internet) to see               what new dishes I can                     find and try. 
One day I went to a movie
theater and                          
tried some delicious
Moroccan Lamb Chops and
fell in love with them.
So I thought I would give it a
shot and try to make me some
So here is my spin 
on how I made this. I used:
1. Green Onions(finely chopped)
2. Garlic Powder 
3. Season All - 2 table spoons
4. Lemon Olive Oil
5. Pepper
6. Italian Seasoning
7. Mushrooms
8. Red Wine
9. Butter
10. Brown Sugar
11. Molasses
12. Soy
13. Little Jamaican Jerk
Seasoning (Some use cayenne
pepper instead)

In a sealable bag I placed my
lamb chops seasoned with
1/3 cup of red wine, some
season all, pepper, soy, and
olive oil. I used very little 
of each and placed in frig
overnight.  After getting lamb
out of frig I let them
set to room temp. After getting
my first pan hot enough I applied
my lemon olive oil - about 1/3
cup and then seared green onions
and mushrooms.  In a second pan
I seared my lamb chops - 2 minutes
on each side. Once seared I took
lamb chops out of pan and added
them to first pan with a
little added molasses, jerk
seasoning, brown sugar, butter
and thyme seasoning. Let all that
simmer for about 3 minutes then
turned and based my lamb
chops. That was about it. Bonito!  😃

Thats it! Good luck and good eaten :-). 
Hear some of my music please! 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Awesome Jamaican Pork Shoulder Blade Steak!

Hi this is Soulful!
Today is Superbowl Sunday 
and I wanted a taste of 
something different. Hmmm! Jamaican  Pork Shoulder Blade  Steak came to mind. That  
would be something different. Now
what does it take to make it?

1. Green Onions chopped 
2.  Traditional Walkerson 
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
3. Molasses - 3 teaspoons
4. Lemon Olive Oil - 3 teaspoons
5. Brown Sugar 4 teaspoons
6. Ground Ginger
7. Season All
8. Pineapple 

To start you first have  to brine 
your pork steak for about 4 hours
(overnight for me) in 
salt and a teaspoon of sugar. 
When ready to cook take steak
 out of brine and 
towel off with paper towel 
and let stand to room temp. I  cut my 
steak into strips Lightly  apply 
and rub season all, brown 
sugar, ground ginger, molasses,
 and jerk seasoning to steak. 
Get a pan up to medium heat
 and apply lemon oil. 
Add steak. Brown 4 minutes each side.
 Take steak out of pan 
and add pineapple, brown sugar
 (2 teaspoons), and green onions.
 Get a good caramelization going.
  Add steak and stir in 
juices over steak. Cook slow
 heat for about another 
5 minutes. You are good to go! ❤

Thats it! Good luck and good eaten :-). 
Hear some of my music please! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

My Yummy Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: Pastabilities (Syracuse, NY) Twist

Hi this is Soulful!
I like soul food 
or any food really that tastes good. 
I guess that is the southern boy 
coming out of me. I loved 
watching my  Mom throw
down in the kitchen so I hoped 
I have picked up a 
few things. I was watching 
Diners and Dives and 
saw this great tomato sauce 
"Pastabilities (Syracuse, NY)
 Spicy Hot Tomato Oil".Well I thought that 
would be just great to have but I needed to
 add my soulful spin on it. So here is my spin 
on how I made this. I used:
1. Eight Roman Tomatoes (finely chopped)
2. Garlic Powder 
3. Season All - 2 table spoons
4. Lemon Olive Oil
5. Link of Smoke sausage (chopped finely)
6. Italian Seasoning
7. Cheese (I use - mainly mozzarella and cheddar)
8. Green Onions
9. Toasted French Onion Bread with Butter

After getting my pan hot enough 
I applied my lemon 
olive oil - about 1/3 cup and 
then seared my tomatoes,
green onions and smoke sausage. 
Added my garlic
powder and season oil for taste. 
Let all that simmer 
for about 3 minutes. While that was 
making me
 hungry I toasted some French Bread 
 butter in the over for about 2 minutes.
Last step was to add my tomato mixture 
in a bowl and add my cheeses. 
Add Italian season and we are done. Bonito!  😃

Thats it! Good luck and good eaten :-). 
Hear some of my music please! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Awesome Turkey Necks Anyone!

Hi this is Soulful! I like soul food or any food 
really that tastes good. 

I guess that is the southern boy coming out of me. 
I loved watching my  Mom throw down in
 the kitchen so I hoped 
I have picked up a few things. I was thinking 
about cooking these 
delicious turkey necks my 
wife bought and so I decided to give it a try. 
Someone asked me for the recipe so I will
attempt to write it down. Here goes. First, 
get some fresh, washed, turkey necks and place 
them in a  clear bag. Now the good part is to 
season the necks in the bag with a teaspoon
 of onion powder, teaspoon of garlic powder, and a 
teaspoon of season salt. Second, put some flour in 
the bag - just enough to coat the necks  and
 seal the bag. I place the bag in the refrigerator
 until I am ready for them. Third, start to get the 
oven ready at  350 deg temp. While the oven is 
heating up set up a frying pan  on  the stove and
 place some virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of 
vegetable oil.  Get the bag of necks out of the frig 
and set them aside until the pan is hot. 
 Place the coated necks into the pan and 
sear them on all sides.  Once you have the 
necks good and brown place them in a 
aluminum pan.  Fourth, use the grease in the 
pan to make some gravy that will smother the 
necks. Get some onions and saute them in the 
grease. Add a teaspoon of pepper.   Once you 
saute the onions put about  2 to 3 or more 
teaspoons of flour  (I'm a country boy so I like 
gravy),  teaspoon of salt  and a cup and 1/2 of 
water with some chicken stock. After the gravy
 is nice and getting thick  place the gravy 
mixture in the aluminum pan with the necks. 
Cover the  pan with some aluminum foil and place 
into the oven for about an hour  and a half
 (till tender). Check the necks for tenderness. 
I like my  turkey necks to be tender but yet 
golden brown so I set them under 
the broiler for a few minutes.  

Thats it! Good luck and good eaten :-). 
Hear some of my music please!