Sunday, February 5, 2017

Awesome Jamaican Pork Shoulder Blade Steak!

Hi this is Soulful!
Today is Superbowl Sunday 
and I wanted a taste of 
something different. Hmmm! Jamaican  Pork Shoulder Blade  Steak came to mind. That  
would be something different. Now
what does it take to make it?

1. Green Onions chopped 
2.  Traditional Walkerson 
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
3. Molasses - 3 teaspoons
4. Lemon Olive Oil - 3 teaspoons
5. Brown Sugar 4 teaspoons
6. Ground Ginger
7. Season All
8. Pineapple 

To start you first have  to brine 
your pork steak for about 4 hours
(overnight for me) in 
salt and a teaspoon of sugar. 
When ready to cook take steak
 out of brine and 
towel off with paper towel 
and let stand to room temp. I  cut my 
steak into strips Lightly  apply 
and rub season all, brown 
sugar, ground ginger, molasses,
 and jerk seasoning to steak. 
Get a pan up to medium heat
 and apply lemon oil. 
Add steak. Brown 4 minutes each side.
 Take steak out of pan 
and add pineapple, brown sugar
 (2 teaspoons), and green onions.
 Get a good caramelization going.
  Add steak and stir in 
juices over steak. Cook slow
 heat for about another 
5 minutes. You are good to go! ❤

Thats it! Good luck and good eaten :-). 
Hear some of my music please! 

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