Saturday, February 18, 2017

Delicious Moroccan Lamb Chops!

Hi this is Soulful!
Man I have been traveling all 
over  the world                          
(on the internet) to see               what new dishes I can                     find and try. 
One day I went to a movie
theater and                          
tried some delicious
Moroccan Lamb Chops and
fell in love with them.
So I thought I would give it a
shot and try to make me some
So here is my spin 
on how I made this. I used:
1. Green Onions(finely chopped)
2. Garlic Powder 
3. Season All - 2 table spoons
4. Lemon Olive Oil
5. Pepper
6. Italian Seasoning
7. Mushrooms
8. Red Wine
9. Butter
10. Brown Sugar
11. Molasses
12. Soy
13. Little Jamaican Jerk
Seasoning (Some use cayenne
pepper instead)

In a sealable bag I placed my
lamb chops seasoned with
1/3 cup of red wine, some
season all, pepper, soy, and
olive oil. I used very little 
of each and placed in frig
overnight.  After getting lamb
out of frig I let them
set to room temp. After getting
my first pan hot enough I applied
my lemon olive oil - about 1/3
cup and then seared green onions
and mushrooms.  In a second pan
I seared my lamb chops - 2 minutes
on each side. Once seared I took
lamb chops out of pan and added
them to first pan with a
little added molasses, jerk
seasoning, brown sugar, butter
and thyme seasoning. Let all that
simmer for about 3 minutes then
turned and based my lamb
chops. That was about it. Bonito!  😃

Thats it! Good luck and good eaten :-). 
Hear some of my music please! 

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