Thursday, July 9, 2015

Awesome Turkey Necks Anyone!

Hi this is Soulful! I like soul food or any food 
really that tastes good. 

I guess that is the southern boy coming out of me. 
I loved watching my  Mom throw down in
 the kitchen so I hoped 
I have picked up a few things. I was thinking 
about cooking these 
delicious turkey necks my 
wife bought and so I decided to give it a try. 
Someone asked me for the recipe so I will
attempt to write it down. Here goes. First, 
get some fresh, washed, turkey necks and place 
them in a  clear bag. Now the good part is to 
season the necks in the bag with a teaspoon
 of onion powder, teaspoon of garlic powder, and a 
teaspoon of season salt. Second, put some flour in 
the bag - just enough to coat the necks  and
 seal the bag. I place the bag in the refrigerator
 until I am ready for them. Third, start to get the 
oven ready at  350 deg temp. While the oven is 
heating up set up a frying pan  on  the stove and
 place some virgin olive oil and a teaspoon of 
vegetable oil.  Get the bag of necks out of the frig 
and set them aside until the pan is hot. 
 Place the coated necks into the pan and 
sear them on all sides.  Once you have the 
necks good and brown place them in a 
aluminum pan.  Fourth, use the grease in the 
pan to make some gravy that will smother the 
necks. Get some onions and saute them in the 
grease. Add a teaspoon of pepper.   Once you 
saute the onions put about  2 to 3 or more 
teaspoons of flour  (I'm a country boy so I like 
gravy),  teaspoon of salt  and a cup and 1/2 of 
water with some chicken stock. After the gravy
 is nice and getting thick  place the gravy 
mixture in the aluminum pan with the necks. 
Cover the  pan with some aluminum foil and place 
into the oven for about an hour  and a half
 (till tender). Check the necks for tenderness. 
I like my  turkey necks to be tender but yet 
golden brown so I set them under 
the broiler for a few minutes.  

Thats it! Good luck and good eaten :-). 
Hear some of my music please! 


  1. Are these made with fresh turkey necks or smoked turkey necks

  2. Yes these are fresh turkey necks not smoked! Wow some actually and finally replied to my blog. That's great!